The Role of Sea Ice in the Climate System and Why it Matters

Speaker:  Till Wagner, Assistant Professor, Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, UW-Madison

Sea ice grows in the polar oceans when the water surface freezes. Earth’s sea ice covers vary greatly with the seasons and between years, and over the past half century we have documented a loss of sea ice that is unmatched in thousands of years. Sea ice is an important control on Earth’s energy balance and impacts oceanic and atmospheric circulation on a global scale. It also constitutes a critical habitat for local ecosystems and affects human activities in the polar regions and beyond. In this talk, Wagner will discuss the role that sea ice plays in the global climate and the coupling between sea ice loss and global warming. He will also further explore socio-economic and geopolitical implications of a changing Arctic.


Mar 02 2023


4:15 pm - 5:15 pm


1153 Mechanical Engineering
1513 University Ave.