The Role of Carbon Dioxide Removal in Meeting Climate Targets

Speakers: Matilyn Bindl, Jenna Greene, Zach Thomas, PhD candidates, Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, UW–Madison

Carbon dioxide removal (CDR) is increasingly being considered by climate stakeholders (policymakers, modelers, and businesses) to meet global climate targets such as net-zero emissions or a 1.5ºC limit to temperature increase. By removing CO2 from the atmosphere, CDR could offset residual emissions that are difficult to eliminate, but many CDR methods are novel and their future role in addressing climate change is uncertain. In this talk, Matilyn Bindl,
Jenna Greene, and Zach Thomas will share their interdisciplinary research on CDR innovation, scale-up potential, and navigating uncertainties.


Oct 19 2023


4:15 pm - 5:15 pm


1163 Mechanical Engineering
1513 University Ave.