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Scott, Melissa; Sander, Robert; Nemet, Gregory; Patz, Jonathan: Improving Human Health in China Through Alternative Energy. In: Frontiers in Public Health, pp. NA, 2021, ISSN: 22962565, (Brief article). (Type: Journal Article | Links)
Jung, Suhyun; Dyngeland, Cecilie; Rausch, Lisa; Rasmussen, Laura Vang: Brazilian Land Registry Impacts on Land Use Conversion. In: American Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. n/a, no. n/a, 2021. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Plowright, Raina K; Reaser, Jamie K; Locke, Harvey; Woodley, Stephen J; Patz, Jonathan A; Becker, Daniel J; Oppler, Gabriel; Hudson, Peter J; Tabor, Gary M: Land use-induced spillover: a call to action to safeguard environmental, animal, and human health. In: The Lancet Planetary Health, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. e237-e245, 2021, ISSN: 2542-5196. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Rausch, Lisa L; Gibbs, Holly K: The Low Opportunity Costs of the Amazon Soy Moratorium. In: Frontiers in Forests and Global Change, vol. 4, pp. 21, 2021, ISSN: 2624-893X. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Cui, Ryna Yiyun; Hultman, Nathan; Cui, Diyang; McJeon, Haewon; Yu, Sha; Edwards, Morgan R.; Sen, Arijit; Song, Kaihui; Bowman, Christina; Clarke, Leon; Kang, Junjie; Lou, Jiehong; Yang, Fuqiang; Yuan, Jiahai; Zhang, Weirong; Zhu, Mengye: A plant-by-plant strategy for high-ambition coal power phaseout in China. In: Nature Communications, vol. 12, no. 1, pp. 1468, 2021, ISSN: 2041-1723. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Graham, Emily B.; Averill, Colin; Bond-Lamberty, Ben; Knelman, Joseph E.; Krause, Stefan; Peralta, Ariane L.; Shade, Ashley; Smith, A. Peyton; Cheng, Susan J.; Fanin, Nicolas; Freund, Cathryn; Garcia, Patricia E.; Gibbons, Sean M.; Goethem, Marc W. Van; Guebila, Marouen Ben; Kemppinen, Julia; Nowicki, Robert J.; Pausas, Juli G.; Reed, Samuel P.; Rocca, Jennifer; Sengupta, Aditi; Sihi, Debjani; Simonin, Marie; Słowiński, Michał; Spawn, Seth A.; Sutherland, Ira; Tonkin, Jonathan D.; Wisnoski, Nathan I.; Zipper, Samuel C.; Consortium, Contributor: Toward a Generalizable Framework of Disturbance Ecology Through Crowdsourced Science. In: Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 2021. (Type: Journal Article | Links)
Moore, Eli K; Kriesberg, Adam; Schroeder, Steven; Geil, Kerrie; Haugen, Inga; Barford, Carol; Johns, Erica M; Arthur, Dan; Sheffield, Megan; Ritchie, Stephanie M; Jackson, Carolyn; Parr, Cynthia: Agricultural data management and sharing: Best practices and case study. In: Agronomy Journal, vol. n/a, no. n/a, 2021. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Amintas Brandão Jr., Jr.; Rausch, Lisa; Durán, América Paz; Ciniro Costa Jr., Jr.; 1, Seth A. Spawn; Gibbs, Holly K: Estimating the Potential for Conservation and Farming in the Amazon and Cerrado under Four Policy Scenarios. In: Sustainability, vol. 12, no. 3, pp. 1277, 2021, ISSN: 2071-1050. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Santika, Truly; Wilson, Kerrie A.; Law, Elizabeth A.; John, Freya A. V. St; Carlson, Kimberly M.; Gibbs, Holly; Morgans, Courtney L.; Ancrenaz, Marc; Meijaard, Erik; Struebig, Matthew J.: Impact of palm oil sustainability certification on village well-being and poverty in Indonesia. In: Nature Sustainability, vol. 4, no. 2, pp. 109-119, 2021, ISSN: 2398-9629. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Burivalova, Zuzana; Purnomo,; Orndorff, Samantha; Truskinger, Anthony; Roe, Paul; Game, Edward T: The sound of logging: Tropical forest soundscape before, during, and after selective timber extraction. In: Biological Conservation, vol. 254, pp. 108812, 2021, ISSN: 0006-3207. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Xie, Y.; Gibbs, H. K.; Lark, T. J.: Landsat-based Irrigation Dataset (LANID): 30,m resolution maps of irrigation distribution, frequency, and change for the US, 1997--2017. In: Earth System Science Data, vol. 13, no. 12, pp. 5689–5710, 2021. (Type: Journal Article | Links)
Khanna, Madhu; Chen, Luoye; Basso, Bruno; Cai, Ximing; Field, John L.; Guan, Kaiyu; Jiang, Chongya; Lark, Tyler J.; Richard, Tom L.; Spawn-Lee, Seth A.; Yang, Pan; Zipp, Katherine Y.: Redefining marginal land for bioenergy crop production. In: GCB Bioenergy, vol. 13, no. 10, pp. 1590-1609, 2021. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Drever, C. Ronnie; Cook-Patton, Susan C.; Akhter, Fardausi; Badiou, Pascal H.; Chmura, Gail L.; Davidson, Scott J.; Desjardins, Raymond L.; Dyk, Andrew; Fargione, Joseph E.; Fellows, Max; Filewod, Ben; Hessing-Lewis, Margot; Jayasundara, Susantha; Keeton, William S.; Kroeger, Timm; Lark, Tyler J.; Le, Edward; Leavitt, Sara M.; LeClerc, Marie-Eve; Lemprière, Tony C.; Metsaranta, Juha; McConkey, Brian; Neilson, Eric; St-Laurent, Guillaume Peterson; Puric-Mladenovic, Danijela; Rodrigue, Sebastien; Soolanayakanahally, Raju Y.; Spawn, Seth A.; Strack, Maria; Smyth, Carolyn; Thevathasan, Naresh; Voicu, Mihai; Williams, Christopher A.; Woodbury, Peter B.; Worth, Devon E.; Xu, Zhen; Yeo, Samantha; Kurz, Werner A.: Natural climate solutions for Canada. In: Science Advances, vol. 7, no. 23, pp. eabd6034, 2021. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Chen, Pan; Yuan, Yongping; Li, Wenhong; LeDuc, Stephen D.; Lark, Tyler J.; Zhang, Xuesong; Clark, Christopher: Assessing the Impacts of Recent Crop Expansion on Water Quality in the Missouri River Basin Using the Soil and Water Assessment Tool. In: Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems, vol. 13, no. 6, pp. e2020MS002284, 2021, (e2020MS002284 2020MS002284). (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Xie, Yanhua; Lark, Tyler J.: Mapping annual irrigation from Landsat imagery and environmental variables across the conterminous United States. In: Remote Sensing of Environment, vol. 260, pp. 112445, 2021, ISSN: 0034-4257. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Lark, Tyler J.; Schelly, Ian H.; Gibbs, Holly K.: Accuracy, Bias, and Improvements in Mapping Crops and Cropland across the United States Using the USDA Cropland Data Layer. In: Remote Sensing, vol. 13, no. 5, 2021, ISSN: 2072-4292. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Mailloux, Nicholas A.; Henegan, Colleen P.; Lsoto, Dorothy; Patterson, Kristen P.; West, Paul C.; Foley, Jonathan A.; Patz, Jonathan A.: Climate Solutions Double as Health Interventions. In: International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol. 18, no. 24, 2021, ISSN: 1660-4601. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Sun, Yuren; Maeda, Tatiana Midori; Solis-Lemus, Claudia; Pimentel-Alarcon, Daniel; Burivalova, Zuzana: Classification of animal sounds in a hyperdiverse rainforest using Convolutional Neural Networks. 2021. (Type: Miscellaneous | Links)
Downey, Harriet; et al,: Training future generations to deliver evidence-based conservation and ecosystem management. In: Ecological Solutions and Evidence, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. e12032, 2021, (authors include Burivalova). (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
Wang, Nan; Akimoto, Keigo; Nemet, Gregory F.: What went wrong? Learning from three decades of carbon capture, utilization and sequestration (CCUS) pilot and demonstration projects. In: Energy Policy, vol. 158, pp. 112546, 2021, ISSN: 0301-4215. (Type: Journal Article | Abstract | Links)
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