Global Land Use Tabular Data

Our land use data sets can be aggregated into combinations of administrative units of the user's choice. Currently, the finest resolution we provide is at the first level administrative unit (i.e., state, province, etc.). Our database, based on ESRI's Admin98 boundaries dataset of the world, contains 2605 first level administrative units.

The user begins with an initial choice of World Macro Regions as defined by the United Nations. These regions can then be further subdivided or aggregated sequentially over several steps to arrive at a final set of regions that the user desires.

Step 1

Select the regions that you would like to modify and then press the button corresponding to the action you would like to pursue.

Splitting a geographic unit will break the chosen unit down into its component units. In other words, splitting a region will return its component countries, while splitting a country will return its administrative units (states or provinces). State/province level is the finest resolution available, and cannot be split further. Please note that not all countries have sub-national splitting capability.

When you are done with all the splitting and aggregation operations, and have the final list of regions of your choice, please click and select the regions you would like data for. To select multiple geographic units, hold down the shift key while making your selections.

Step 2

Select the datasets for which you would like data based on the geographic areas you selected during the previous step.

You can only make one selection at a time.

Data Sets Description Items
(You can only make one selection at a time)

(You can only make one selection at a time)

Step 3

Select the format that you would like to view the data in: