Henry Fremont

Position title: Research Intern

Email: hfremont@wisc.edu

Henry Fremont is a research assistant assisting the HOT (Health-Oriented Transportation) team in development and analysis of transportation data. He completed his master of public health (MPH) at UW in August 2023 and graduated from Macalester with a bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics. He joined the Patz group at UW–Madison following a few years working in the software industry. He is interested in epidemiology, network science, and discrete math games. Fremont also enjoys playing ultimate frisbee, music, cooking, and houseplants.


Fremont, Henry; Younkin, Samuel; Gall, Anne Roué Le; Levine, Natalie; Patz, JonathanAn Analysis of the Health Effects of Physical Activity due to Active Travel Policies in Rennes, FranceIn: Wellcome Open Research, vol. 9, pp. 154, 2024.

Younkin, Samuel G.; Fremont, Henry C.; Patz, Jonathan A.: The Health-Oriented Transportation Model: Estimating the health benefits of active transportation. In: Journal of Transport & Health, vol. 22, pp. 101103, 2021, ISSN: 2214-1405.

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