Jonathan Patz Quoted in NPR Story on Wildfire Smoke

Smoke has been funneling into Wisconsin at an unprecedented level due to wildfires and weather patterns, impacting air quality and sensitive groups. Researchers argue climate change is driving extreme heat that’s fueling wildfires and degrading …

Jonathan Patz receives WARF named professorship

Patz is among eight faculty who received the 2021-22 awards that honor those who have made major contributions to the advancement of knowledge, primarily through their research endeavors, but also as a result of their teaching and service activities.

Holly Gibbs featured in bloomberg series on deforestation and cattle

Gibbs and her lab have completed pioneering work to track deforestation. Last year, Gibbs worked with the National Wildlife Federation to track outcomes from the Zero-Deforestation Commitments in the Brazilian Amazon using cattle movement and supply chain data. The series in Bloomberg highlights Gibbs’ research and expertise in deforestation and the impact cattle have on the deforestation of the Amazon in Brazil.